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Mainstream manufacturer of anisole with an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons
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Huaian Depon Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Wei 14th Road of Xuexing Chemical Industrial Park of Lishui County in Huai'an City. There are complete public environmental protection facilities such as sewage treatment plant, central heating station and solid waste incineration station. Moreover, this park enjoys an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation for it is close to Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Lianhuai High-speed Railway and Huai'an Lishui Airport.
Founded in 2002, the company is a technology development company specializing in the research, development and production of organic intermediates. Covering an area of 40,020 square meters, our company now has a registered capital of CNY 12 million and 68 employees, 30% of them are technicians. At the same time, there are an efficient and well-established management system and a precise and accurate quality inspection system in our company.
The company is a mainstream manufacturer in China with an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons of high quality anisole, which is mainly used in medicine, spices, organic synthesis and other fields. The company also produces high quality Hydroquinone Dimethyl, Veratrole, Dimethyl resorcinol, 4-Methylanisole, 2-Methylanisole, 3-Methylanisole and other varieties; thus we enjoy a high reputation in the industry. 
There is a production equipment of 3,000 tons of high-quality trichloroacetyl chloride in the company, which is mainly used for the manufacturing of high-efficient and low-toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos; at the same time, the company has good cooperation with a number of Chinese well-known listed pesticide enterprise for many years.
The company develops intermediate varieties and has a device with an annual production capacity of 50 tons of N,N-Diethylethylenediamine and N,N-Dimethylethylenediamine. The company also pays attention to the introduction of high-end R&D talents and develops high value-added and internationally competitive products, which make the company ranking the leading position in the industry.
In terms of safety and environmental protection facilities, the company built a sewage treatment station with a capacity of 55 tons of wastewater per day, and the fundamental process has realized the control mode of DCS. The whole plant has completed the VOC compliance control and has been awarded the title of "Top-Ten Enterprises in Lishui County" for many years. Moreover, we are Private Technolgical Enterprise in Jiangsu Province and the High-tech Enterprise in Huai'an City.


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